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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Tomorrow Can Have Nothing to do with Yesterday

Bird Dreams
What if we can reconfigure our lives without having to rely on the constraints of yesterday?What if everything that we believed to be true is no longer true. Having lived through  so many changes since the 1950's, I can definitely tell you that yesterday does not have to define tomorrow.......

I wonder if you took  quiet time and started reflecting upon how much has shifted in your own life that probably felt like it was in stone even 5 years ago.
I wonder if you can imagine a future filled with fun and joy .
I wonder if you can imagine doing one or two things that you love every single day.
What if that is your crystal bowl? What if you can build your future by laughing more and doing what would make you happy?
There is nothing to lose except a few soap bubbles.  This is a fun video about soap magic.
soap bubble magic
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