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Monday, January 12, 2015

10 Important Things That I have Found Out While Being On a Spiritual Retreat

I am 12 days into my spiritual retreat and I have found out that:
1. I am more creative when I don't have to schedule in time for being creative.
2. I am enjoying being spontaneous and not having to do things on schedule.
3.  I am willing to be more open emotionally when my schedule lets me be more open with my time.

4. I really enjoy spending time alone.
5. I am discovering new music, books and movies.

6. I am listening to my body and healing myself one day at a time.
7.  I am safe in this moment.
8. I am  focusing  on what is going well in my life.
9  I am living in the moment and the day seems so much longer.
10. I like myself.

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