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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Past life as a fairy

This is not an easy post to write.When someone asks me what were you in a a past life, I respond I remembered being a fairy.I get many different reactions to this response and I loved the experience. While doing a Past life regression, people receive the information in many different ways, ie seeing images, hearing words, feeling the emotions. For me, I see and hear words in my mind and it is not as easy to see the images. So when I dream, I dream in words. This is a bit unusual I know and it is very comforting for me. So I remembered the feelings and thoughts from the fairy life time more than seeing myself in tiny shoes and wings.

I remembered feeling very happy living to be with other elementals and feeling at peace. There was a great sense of contentment among all of us. In terms of the relationships with humans, that was a more complicated story. I was aware of difficulty with honesty and respect. The humans were very disrespectful and dishonest in dealing with us. I remember feeling so very sad and bereft at this discord.

After this past life memory, many things made more sense to me. I have always loved fairies. I used to tell wonderful made up fairy stories to my daughters when they were little. I love painting fairies and have many books about them. So for me, it was a wonderful experience that linked parts of me together in a magical way.
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