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Saturday, June 1, 2013

All You Need is Love and Global Warming

purple iris
It is so hot right now in the North East. It is too early for such intense heat and  everyone is beating themselves up by using the buzzword of global warming right now. The weather   is definitely about what we have been doing or not  been doing for our planet in the past fifty years. And, it is not helpful to beat ourselves up about it.
It is important to do something different  and I mean even a small something right now.It can be  remembering to recycle regularly, donating to the local food bank,  or keeping your air conditioning at reasonable temperatures etc. If everyone did something, things would change dramatically. Our children's children will not accept the status quo of global warming and they will be forced to take even more drastic action. So let us be the models for them.

On a lighter note, a friend and I went to see Pierce Brosnan in the new movie called All you need is Love. The movie was set in Copenhagen, Denmark and Sorrento, Italy. It was a wonderful love story with beautiful scenery and it was easy to imagine being somewhere other then  Central New Jersey for a while.

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