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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My past life as a Hippie

the rock face at sunset
Last fall, I went to Sedona, Arizona  with my wonderful friend and colleague, Hathi.  She generously invited me to share her time share .  I vaguely remember visiting Sedona during my incarnation as a hippie in the 70"s. As a hippie, I actually traveled thousands of miles across the United States, Canada, Mexico , Central America and Europe. It was a wonderful and safer  time to explore the world  .  During that time, I also visited Sedona  and it was" simply"  a beautiful sacred area.  I did not know about vortices, crystal energies, and healing powers.

Last fall, I was so excited to visit the area again. This time  I did feel the wonderful rush of the energy as I stepped out of our  rental   car in Sedona.   I loved visiting the area as a  wiser, more attuned and more patient being.  The 70's was a time of willful change and this time I allowed things to simply unfold. One day, Hathi and I discovered this lovely state park at around dusk. For awhile, we listened to  the flute music of a native  man  who was leading other travelers on a mystical  jeep  tour .  After they left we stayed and  we took our own hike . At dusk, we  watched the sky light up with a magnificent sunset. As I was watching,  the rock face began changing colors and the shadows began to deepen, and then the face in the rock appeared. The face appeared, in fact it just popped out of the rocky ledge.  It was very magical and I will never forget that moment.
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