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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Not enough time!!

I keep saying that I have no time to write in this blog. I do  think about it daily and then I  don't write
blissful pixie
anything  down . I guess that I feel that I ought  to write  about something so interesting and fascinating that it will be worthwhile reading.  Sometimes, however, maybe it is the ordinary that needs to be commented upon. Almost every nice  morning this spring, I have woken up early so that I can go for a walk with my dog, Pixie. She always knows when we will go for a walk. She seems to have an  extra alertness to her and often will not eat her food if she thinks that I will walk without her.  This is not just her fear because on snowy, cold mornings or hot humid humid mornings, I do sneak out without her.

However this morning,  I told her that she could eat  after we returned from our walk. We live across the street from a beautiful park and gardens . I park near the rose gardens ,tie the requisite poop bags on her leash and then  we are off. During an animal communication session, Pixie told me that one of the most important parts of a walk are the smells. In fact, she told me that I walk too fast and she cannot get those really good smells.  This morning, we walked past many  of her smells on the trees, special shrubs,and  tall grasses and then I spotted my favorite smell.  I saw a beautiful purple flowered  lilac  bush. This brought me back to the memories  of my childhood. My grandmother's tiny back yard off  Avenue M in  Brooklyn was filled with very old lavender bushes. The smells were so delicious.
THis morning Pixie and I both stood there  and smelled the lavender. Oh what bliss for the two of us.
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