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Monday, August 8, 2011

a pain in the neck can be healing

blue bird

I just finished attending   a weeklong Ericksonian hypnosis training at the NLP center of I did not really know how difficult it is to commute into the city everyday. I have never done it for an extended period of time and I am in awe of folks that manage to do it everyday. I was exhausted after a week of commuting by NJ transit and subway. I did feel good that I was able to do the commute and sometimes even walk the five miles instead of taking the subway. Since today was my first day back to work, I really appreciated my very, very short commute across the driveway to my office. I am so fortunate to have this option.

I learned a great deal in the training and loved  the eclectic mix of people in the group. There were folks from all over the world and it demonstrates the universality of  the lure of hypnotic trance. I am very clear that hypnosis is just one of the ways that we can achieve the trance state. However, it is a very helpful way to break up some of the deeply rooted beliefs that we “cannot” do things differently. Ericksonian hypnotic theory believes that every behavior is currently or has been in the past an indicator of a positive intention. In other words, If you have a chronic pain in the neck, then the pain serves as a positive reminder of some intention that has been forgotten. Perhaps it can be to speak your truth, or to  listen to others. It is an opportunity to look at your body pain with new eyes. 
There will be more to come about hypnosis and healing in future blogs.
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