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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Trust Yourself

Dragonfly Changes
I will shortly have two different blogs. One that will focus upon parenting and this one will continue with  unusual and sometimes out of the box  musings  on day to day things.
Sometimes, I sit still enough and can hear my unconscious talking to me about what to write . Today was one of those fortunate days.

Trust that whatever is on your plate right now is exactly what you need to be doing. The choice is whether you swim upstream or downstream  with your challenges. Do you insist on making things harder for yourself by going against the current? Do you insist on working harder, longer hours, and  enduring lots of pain and suffering in order to meet your goals?    We have frequently  heard the expression" pain no gain. Does that have to be true?
What if  we stopped labeling and judging ourselves and others? What if we looked at the bigger picture and saw the opportunities,  synchronicities and possible miracles that may occur. It seems as though one way of looking at challenges shuts things down and the other way opens it up?

Which would you prefer to do today?
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