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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Do you have arty genes?

dragonfly on a pocket t
When is the last time that you used your hands in a creative way? Today, last week or maybe it was when you were a child. I loved to draw when I was in grammar school and then again after college and then again when I turned 50. There were too many blank spaces that were filled with a craving to be creative but no action. I talked myself out of being creative and felt that everyone else had the arty genes except for me. My husband as a photograher, my sister as a knitter, my mother as a writer and pianist, and the list went on and on.
What happened to me? For many years, I just did not believe in myself and was too busy with other things. I do remember weaving , knitting, embroidering, and painting at times. However, I always gave my creations away and did not really value them. So why am I going on about this now. I did not believe in my gifts for a long time  and would like you to consider doing it differently.

Creativity is made up of part intention, curiosity, passion and some skill. I don't think that skill is the biggest part of the equation though. I think that the  skill  comes as we begin to believe in our selves over  time. It might be helpful to think about a creative time line. On the creative time line, you would list the arty things that you did in the past  and how old you were when you created them . Then take a look at what you would like to bring back into your life right now. Where are your supplies hidden or do you need to make a run to the art and crafts store?

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