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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Troublemaker

butterfly wings
Are you a troublemaker in your life? Do you feel like you are always stirring things up for your family and friends. I certainly feel that way. I often feel that my observations   bump people right  out of their comfort zone. I  think that my husband Nat thinks that I am. I can see the expression on his face  of why can't we just enjoy the moment. I feel like I have always had this function.  I really understood it more clearly after watching this youtube The Troublemaker, by Pema Chodren.

Pema talks about how the spiritual teacher/ friend is supposed to stir up trouble  to help others move along on their path. I love teaching people about  healing and  spirituality and how  it all fits into the bigger picture. Sometimes, in the process, I rearrange the bigger picture or add a new piece of information  and then it is trouble.
So if you find yourself plagued by a troublemaker in your life, please say thank you to them.
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