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Monday, February 25, 2013

Nothing is what it appears to be

We think that we know what is really going on. We think that we know what is happening before we even show up. I went to do a presentation at the Manville Senior center on Dreams. I really enjoy going to speak to these folks and apparently they enjoy it as well. I often have the same folks coming each time just to hear what I will say. Today we started out talking about Dreams and somehow we ended up talking to about  the sightings  departed spirits.
Someone in the group  talked about having   "Ghost Busters" come to her house because she is sure that her departed relatives are causing mischief.  Another person was sure that she saw her deceased Husband at a traffic light on the way to Walmart. There are just too many of these sightings from all sorts of people to not believe them. I completely believe that we can see spirits and they are watching us and protecting us from the other side.

The day that my Father in law passed away, we heard the front doorbell ring. I went to the door and there was no one there. This happened two more times. Since, he was very proper, he would have rung the doorbell instead of knocking. Then the ringing stopped for the evening. I really believe that he had come  to say farewell  since we did not live near where he died. It was a comforting  thought  for both my husband and my self. I know that some people are freaked out about it but I don't feel that way. I feel that when we were small, we saw spirits easily and we learned how to stop seeing them as we grew older. I feel that our animal friends are smarter then we are because  they never doubt  the magic.
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