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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Roxie, The Rock Star

Roxie, the rock star
Roxie's ability to heal, from the other side, is pretty amazing. I have been sad but just peacefully so. I am  really fine and  I feel like the key to this sense of ease  is a conscious death experience. I was worried about her cancerous bumps  and I could not stand the thought of her dying. I would cry whenever I had a glimpse of it. Yet now, I find myself in a great deal of peace after she has gone. Yes the house and office are very quiet and for now, I  like Pixie's quiet energy.
I feel that Roxie  had a wonderful life and died knowing how loved she was. Being able to know her  last wishes brought me incredible comfort and inner strength. I think of how courageously  she walked into the vets office and then she  passed easily and peacefully as she promised that she would.

A few days ago, she came into the office in spirit and communicated that she was very happy. She was playing with a  yellow green tennis ball and her tail was wagging. I was so grateful for the message and it still  brings a smile to my lips when I imagine her with a golden tennis ball.
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