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Sunday, March 13, 2011

welcome visitors in my sessions

dragonfly collage
I have been having very  interesting  visitors in my healing sessions. Sometimes, we are sitting quietly and talking and all of a sudden , I feel an intensely cold feeling on the right side of my body. I will then notice whether it is my entire body or just part of it. I  will  check in with myself to see if I need to adust the thermostat or if this is a different kind of cold. Lately, it has been a different kind of cold.
At  this point, I ask the person that I am sitting with whether they feel the chill.  Often they have not been aware of the cold until I mention it  and cofirm that they feel the chill as well.  (Often, Spirits are felt  when there is the  presence of cold air. )  At that point, I strive to get past my critical mind and ask if we have a spirit visitor. If the answer is yes, I will struggle to suspend my disbelief again  and open up to the possibilities. Often the visitor is a parent that has died  and wishes to share messages of  love and forgiveness. These sessions are quite poignant and  deeply healing . The healing is really for all   of us.  We are gently  reassured that we are not alone and that that death is not an ending.  This is an area of healing that is very dear to my heart and  I will talk about spiritual healing  more in future posts.
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