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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

what our grandmothers did not teach us, about wine and other things.

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Last week , I had the grace to present at a Senior Nutrition site in Manville, NJ. It was a very good day for me to talk since I was the opener for Bingo on Wednesdays . I like doing these informal talks about a variety of topics . This is my favorite , although it is really called what our grandmothers taught us about healing. I love using common household remedies for healing. ie. fresh ginger or  fennel seeds after a big meal,  scallions and ginger at the beginning of a cold, and  aloe vera juice or lavender for burns. I know  that preventative care is amazing helpful if we can do it at the first signs of discomfort. Often we muscle through things and then we do need bigger remedies because the illnesses are more serious.

A very fit looking woman came up to me, after the presentation today. She  asked me if I could guess what her secret for  good health was.  She quickly told me that she was 92 years of age and had been drinking 1/2 glass of red wine for many of those years. One of the other participants asked if she drank Manischevitz and she said oh no, a good Merlot works very well for me!
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