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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Indigo energy

Crystal bowl used for healing and toning
Who am I ? Sometimes, I really don't know. I know that I have certain threads of excitement in my life. I have always loved anything to do with: fairies, being out of doors, eating in healthy ways, reading historical fiction  about other cultures, focusing upon India, England, and China, alternative healing strategies, watching movies about angels that talk to us, painting animals, recycling and doing things as naturally as possible.
In my practice, I have the amazing fortune to work with teenagers and we have been talking about Indigo energy as a possible explanation  for some of the paths that they have chosen.    So,  I went  on the internet looking for information about Indigo and crystal children.
I learned  that the Indigo energy has  began incarnating in human form for the past 100 years. As time goes by, more and more of us are being born. I was part of the hippie or flower child wave of Indigos. We did our best to Make Love and Not War happen but we also hurt ourselves and others along the way. There are so many ways that we started new paradigms of being in the world but it was   so hard to hold them. Many of us succombed to the powers of  alcohol, drugs, money, power and generally overindulgence. We become indulgent as parents, became followers and not leaders and settled for a less combative life style.  However, here we are and the world is not peaceful or healthy and our children are very unhappy with all of it.
The next big wave of Indigos came in the late 70"s and it  continued until the year 2000. There are a number of You tubes which I will link to that describe the energy very well and how it may manifest in your life. Many of you reading this blog may have had similar interests to the ones that I described in the beginning. I have known for quite awhile that I have Indigo energy and it has been helpful to understand it as a description of who I am and  I do not use it as a label.
Please check out the following links. I found them to be quite helpful
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