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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dreams and the full moon

dream horse painting
There is a full moon coming upon March 19th.It is about 14% bigger than normal due to the moon's closer than normal proximity to the earth. With the  full moon, it is true that people are bit weirder than usual. The intense  stories  that you have heard from  people working in emergency rooms or on   24 hour hot lines are  true.    I feel that there is a thin veil between the physical  and the spiritual  worlds at the time of the full moon. In the NY times book review, there was a review of a book called  Nocturne: A Journey in Search of Moonlight by James Atlee. The author  went on a worldwide journey in  search of the  affects of moon light on our lives and he  found that in Islamic societies "The night becomes a creative space and a source of inspiration rather something to be feared, as it so often has been in Western cultures".

During this time, we can access all kinds of interesting information from our dreams  if we choose.  Before you go to bed, focus upon the information that you would like to understand . It is important to be clear about the topic, the ease that you would like to receive it and  that the information be in your highest good.  For example, if I am working upon a presentation and I am at a loss for a topic. I ask that the information come is easily, clearly and tonight if it is in my highest good.
It is always helpful to have a dream journal by your bed, and a pen with a small flashlight in it.  This way you can write down the dream without fully waking up. Do not wait till you have gotten out of bed and gone to the bathroom since usually the dream memory will be gone especially if you are just beginning this practice. In time, you can get so adept that you will be having conversations in your dreams about what you are seeking.
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