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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Integration at last

In the midst of change
My last blog talked about slowing down as we move into the next stop on our life journeys. I have certainly slowed down and was amazed to see that my last post was in April. Since then, I have taken the time to continue  reconfiguring my life in all ways. I am changing  my work, my clothing style, my painting style, my relationships, my health, and my way of communicating . I am in the midst of creating a clean slate. It is overwhelming, exciting, refreshing, stimulating, scary and wonderful.

Just this morning, as I was in the midst of updating my main  website, a  southern black racer snake slid by the outside of my art room window.  I  needed to calm down, breathe  and  remember  again that I no longer  live in NJ......
 I looked up the totem meanings for black snake and it was to expect significant change in my life.  It is time to clear out the old and bring in the new. The timing is impeccable. Thank you black racer.

Sometimes in our lives, we have the lovely anticipatory feelings that change will be happening and thank goodness I am not there yet. Well, this is the other kind of feeling, I am in the midst of the changes ......  Words don't come as easily when  we make the gigantic shifts from thinking with our brains to speaking our intuitive knowing.

Please know that even though things seem so disarranged  and chaotic , there is a significant healing pattern that is happening for each of us and at large.
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