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Monday, April 3, 2017

Slowwwwww Downnnnnnnnnnn

squirt the squirrel
Today, I am sitting outside on this glorious windy, sunny day in Florida. I am watching the pond behind my home as  the wind picks up and  blows the tiny, crisp leaves on my patio, as  the water moves in bumps and starts, the birds fly in and out and the sea creatures poke their heads out.

Glorious day of palm trees waving, squirrels chattering and clear blue skies.
How many of us simply take the time to sit and stare. I spoke to a neighbor/ fisherman who was describing all that he notices when he fishes. He sees the alligators waiting for the fish to be caught so that he/she can have dinner. He notices that there have been eagles in the trees and otters moving from pond to pond. He notices foot long turtles that move really fast and herons that are four feet tall.  He notices that there are at least 200 fish in a relatively small pond, including at least one 7 pound bass, tilapia and crappies?
I love the noticing here.
What makes it so uncomfortable to simply take the time to sit and stare. Do we have to be physically incapacitated to force us to sit still?   Or can we make a practice of simply staring as a meditation?
I choose staring .
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