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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Part 2- Heron's message

Digesting Life
Right after I published the blog post, I glanced outside of the window again and saw a great blue heron with an 8 inch fish in its mouth. The herons visit the pond frequently but I have not seen one swallow a fish whole.
The process takes quite a while. It has been about 10 minutes since I spotted the heron and its dinner. The fish is now totally inside the neck of the heron and beginning to descend into the stomach. It is fascinating to watch and notice that they remain very, very still during the process. I understand that the act of eating is the only time when they are not vigilant for predators.  So even though, I wanted to close the door for the air conditioning, I held off until he was done eating.
Heron's totem is about reaching for your own meaning in life. They are equally comfortable on both water and land. They are able to digest almost the entire fish. So they can take life in fully and let go of what is not digestible. Amazing birds. He has finished eating and is simply resting and waiting again.

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