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Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Secret - Inside and Outside

Charlie, the love dog
We have heard  so much about "the Secret" It seems that  all knowledge is rooted in that philosophy.
We got hooked into thinking  that if we truly believed that we could  have that fortune/ car/ life and  then it would happen. As a result, so many people became disenfranchised with Spirit/the Universe/ God because it did not happen for them. Other folks became such strong  believers that it was challenging to talk to them. The universe was good if you believed it to be good and that was that. If I don't focus on the dark energy, it will not find me. Ha...

I have been going through my own dark night of the soul through this holiday season and it has been both enlightening and difficult. I have been challenged on so many levels to find  ways to love myself even though I was feeling poorly and the external world was chaotic. If I looked inside I was uncomfortable, if I looked outside, I was uncomfortable.

It was beyond difficult at times. I kept hearing the words, love myself. It sounds like such a simple thing to do but truly there are so many external and internal dictates that preclude this happening.
I can love myself if I feel good.
I can love myself if I have a job or relationship that I love.
I can love myself if the right president wins the election
I can love myself if I find the right house, dress, car etc.
I can love myself with the right dog or cat or snake....

None of those answers seemed to work for any length of time.  We simply want another dress or car or job.
How do we do this?
It is by loving ourselves because we are who we are.
We give other people greater love than we give ourselves. Perhaps it is time to give ourselves the greater love. And we don't have to think about it, create a vision board,  light a candle or read a book, It simply is.

If we  wake up each morning and go to bed each  night with the sense that  I AM LOVE.
 Perhaps this is the secret to uncovering the magic in the universe. And it has been inside us all of the time.

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