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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Loving myself, let me count the ways

Chow Love
When I wrote the title down, I felt so many twinges of uncertainty? Is that really what I wanted to write? What were your first thoughts upon reading the title?   It feels amazing to sense it inside and yet it feels blasphemous to say it aloud.
We are taught to love ourselves but only so much. We are taught that there are boundaries to self love. However those boundaries are broader when we love someone else. We feel that we can love someone else with our full hearts and yet love ourselves with partial hearts..........

Every time we say, I love myself and wish that I felt better or that I love myself but I don't have enough money. Or if only I had my true love then I could really love myself.
Often, I wake up in the morning and have a litany of "if only" things.
Perhaps every time we say an "if only", it is a  hot poke or a prod that irritates our soul and keeps us out of the cycle of truly loving ourselves.

And if we are kept out of that cycle then  how can we truly love anyone else.

As a transitional phase I wonder if we can say  it is truly uncomfortable  loving myself and I am doing it anyway:)
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