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Thursday, December 8, 2016

100th turtle story

Gopher Tortoise waiting in Venice, Florida
Once upon a time, there was a tortoise  who was called She who Sees.  She was  bigger than the other tortoises and knew that she was annoying at times. She did not want to be but couldn't help herself.

 She who Sees was always a bit ahead of her friends. She would  say and do things that upset the other turtles and not know why.

She would prepare for the dark in ways that no one else understand. She would dig new burrows that were deeper and wider than the others. Often, she would invite others to join her but  they usually chose  to stay in the sunshine and light.

She who Sees  would sit and wait for a long time.  She saw great beauty during these times and not have any words to share. The other tortoises thought that she was unfriendly and different.
She who sees was waiting.

At times in the dark, she had  visions of  an amazing  life on the planet. Her vision was one of great connection and joy and  knowing there would be food and happiness for all.

She  who Sees saw that this  big  transformation would take some time and that everyone would be able to achieve this vision.   She also saw that she was quite lonely and wanted to share that it was worth the loneliness and the wait.

 When 100 tortoises felt and knew this vision, change was imminent...............
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