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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Epiphany - Integrating the Practical and the Spiritual

We are struggling collectively and individually right now. We are often angry and/or in denial of what is happening on the national and international stages. We  have tried  many paths to enlightenment and  eventually we  become discouraged by them. We meditate, do yoga, work with Shamans, attend Church, go to psychotherapy, run, walk, eat organically...... Then we stop everything and say that none of it worked.

A Brown Pelican
Last night, I had a conversation while at a women's group dedicated to financial success for everyone. One of the woman said that she had participated in shamanic training for a couple of years and then stopped. She felt that she would rather be living her life then be up in the stars. 
What an interesting comment.  I thought about it and realized that we are currently challenged with how to integrate the spiritual and the practical, the sky and the earth, the magic and the ordinary. Most of us know that this is necessary work right now.

In that moment, I realized that I do know how to do this. I have been working towards this moment for my entire life and I am here. I don't know what happens next. I do know that I am grateful for this awareness. I have the psychological and spiritual training to assist  you in creating a peaceful and happy life in your own two shoes...... What a concept. 

A very good way to integrate  the practical and the spiritual is to take quiet time everyday to honor yourself and your life. There is a wonderful free app called Insight timer. It provides you with both silent and spoken meditations. There is currently a challenge to meditate everyday in 2017 by joining this group. I have joined today..... Will you begin to integrate all that you already know into moments of silence everyday?
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