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Monday, February 24, 2014

Do The Best That You Can - Living Out Of The Box

I have shared several techniques for Living Out of the Box. Have you successfully
Sedona Healing 
made some changes yet?  If you have, is it hard to be consistent with the new habits?  I definitely have changed some things and yet  I still  get really twisted up about not being perfect.   I am a master at second guessing myself. I can do it especially well when I am tired, cranky, hungry and the moon is in the wrong phase:) Really, I can do it at  anytime.   I know all of the right words to say to others but sometimes it just does not work for me . So what do you do when  it is 11:00 PM  and my **"Tornado mind" is working over time.

So during one of those critical moments, I asked my unconscious mind to give me a way out of this challenging habit. What I heard  was simply "do the best that you can and then breathe and let it go".  It is the rehashing that is so trying.  I have added another piece which is to zap the thought into tiny fragments of fairy dust  (angel dust, or any other kind of really small fragments).
It does work .    Remember that it takes 3 weeks to change or create a habit. What thoughts are you getting ready to zap today.

**Tornado Mind- It is really unhelpful, self destructive self talk .  The words race around and around in your mind and it is hard to stop them.
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