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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Are There Elephants in Your Living Room? - Living Out of the Box

Healing Elephants?
How many elephants are in your life right now?  You know the image of that huge lurking elephant that no one wishes to address and yet it clouds everything that happens. Is it overlooking an affair?  Or perhaps  your son is smoking too much marijuana?
 Or your partner  has diabetes and can't stop eating sweets?  Or perhaps, you are concerned about the pipeline being built in Alaska that will destroy the wildlife or the recent farm bill that passed that supports  GMO practices. There are so many elephants in our rooms that we end up feeling desperate that things will  never change.

Yes, it is time to identify the elephants that are in your life and that alone  is hard enough to do.  But I am also suggesting that you focus on one or two elephants and work on changing those situations. This makes things easier.   So pick your elephant and then identify ways that you can take responsibility to change it.

Sometimes, it is simply stating the truth to the appropriate person and then allowing them to take responsibility for their actions. Then step back and wait for change to happen. Which elephant is getting in your way right now
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