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Monday, January 6, 2014

Gratitude is Be Coming- Living out of the Box

Lead the way
I have been thinking about all the  ways that this blog can be  even more helpful in 2014. The best way is to focus upon the theme " Living out of the Box".  This is the year to become  who we truly were meant to be. Each post will give you new ways to begin doing that in 2014. Gratitude is a powerful way to start. Gratitude helps us to feel better. When you say thank you with your heart, the world is grateful in return . Thank goodness, the brain has neuro plasticity which  means it is constantly being rewired for change. And we have control over these changes.

The clearest  way  to imagine this is to see   your brain like a road map. There are  large toll roads or pathways like the Garden State Parkway and the  NJ Turnpike and then there are the smaller roads in  your neighborhoods.
Our habits or pathways  are like the roads. If it is a long standing, well entrenched habit then you are accessing the Turnpike. If it is a newer habit, then it is Main Street in Somerville, NJ. So if you have a big habit of feeling that the "world is a terrible place to bring up kids" and you would like to change this, there is HOPE for you.
Within a brief three to four weeks, you can shift the habit and create new roads of gratitude.  Scientists have found , after two weeks of 15 minute a day focus , you will increase your neurons. And this  new road to Gratitude will help you to bring in more things to be grateful for. Think about your gratitude daily for 15 minutes .
It really helps!  Check out the following link and begin consciously wiring your brain for gratitude.
  Beautiful graphic for creating personal gratitude
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