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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Animal Totems- Living out of the Box

Did you know that the mouse  signifies true courage and the rabbit is the reminder to stop worrying.  I often use animal totems as a way to reconnect back to nature and my true self. Animals have been used as powerful symbols since the beginning of time. Taking the time to step outside of ourselves and our busy lives is mind altering. When we are in nature, we remember to breathe more slowly, smell the roses and walk with care on the earth.

Ways that I remember to do this are:
1. Use a card deck called Medicine Cards by David Carson and Jamie Sams. These are beautifully illustrated  cards with an accompanying book that describes the symbolic meaning of the animals. Pick one a day.
2. Have  photographs and paintings of special animals in my home and office.
3. Put up bird feeders and actually watch the birds that feed.
4. I have a loon clock that plays this distinctive  bird call every hour.
5. Take a walk daily and notice the animals and birds that cross your path.
Medicine Cards by David Carson and Jamie Sams
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