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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Do You Believe in Fairies? LIving Out of the Box

Believe in Fairies
I know that you are probably thinking why would I want to do that. Well there are so many reasons why I think that you might want to:
1- you want to believe in magic and don't know how to start.
2. you think that they are beautiful and would love to see one in your garden.
3. your children already believe in them.
4. they can be of tremendous help growing flowers and shrubs  in your garden.
5. they love to have fun and we could all use more play in our lives.

6.You used to believe in them when you were little and it was so much fun.
7. You cried when Tinkerbell was dying in Peter Pan.
8. They have to tell the truth which is refreshing these days.
9. Fairies, like all Elemental beings, are necessary for the health and safety of our planet.
10. It is fun to make fairy houses.

On the flip side, they can move things about in your house and you might not find them for days.
Sometimes, they can do mischievious things and that is definitely something to be avoided.

As John Lennon said, who's to say what's real or not real. I would rather believe that fairies are....
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