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Monday, November 4, 2013

What's under obligation?

Therapist's Helper- The Loon
As a followup to the last blog, if we are going to make clear headed decisions than it is important to figure out what is under  our sense of obligation. Obligations protect us from creating upset and it allows us to be safe go under the radar. I wonder if you are noticing that there are  many people now that actually love challenging the status quo.

It is not an easy course to take but then we did not incarnate into our bodies  to do it the easy way. Please think about a couple of very small ways where you can begin to  find out what's under your sense of obligation.
Perhaps you can:
only watch movies that make you feel better and not to please your partner
or tell the truth about someone's cooking in kind ways
or ask for a little bit of help even when you could do something by yourself
or admit that you do not know how to change the new lightbulbs.
I really don't know how to finish this post...........
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