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Monday, November 18, 2013

Past life as a fairy, part 2

Fairy tree in the Park
In 2009, I wrote a blog post titled Past Life as a Fairy and I have had 680 views of that post. More people have looked at that writing than anything else that I have written. I find that amazing.
I really do believe in fairies and I also believe that that they are very sensitive.  Sometimes, when I am in my garden  I see a movement out of the corner of my eye or when when I am on walks, I will spot them in trees. Can you spot the fairy in the photo?  It was taken on a cloudy day when I was walking in Colonial Park about a month ago.

I have a fairy garden in front of my office and there are usually butterflies, hummingbirds and dragonflies buzzing around the flowers. It is important to be respectful and ask for their help when needed. When would you ask for their help? I would ask if I were lost out in the woods or I wanted some plants to grow well. Also,  I would ask them for help if I had a question about what herbs would be helpful for healing? Or perhaps I would  simply  express gratitude for a particularly beautiful display of flowers.

If you are lucky enough to be outside with children, it is awesome to imagine  a  magical, fairy kingdom in your backyard.
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