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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Reset Button

dragonfly's happiness
What if you made an agreement to behave in a certain way and you can't remember what it was about. Perhaps you agreed to always love your partner, and you wake up one day and that is no longer true. Or perhaps, in a past life, you made an agreement to live in poverty  and you can no longer remember why you made that promise.
I have encountered both of these scenarios in my life and in my practice. Have you recently heard friends and family talk about  making big changes because they are fed up?

When we make an agreement, we make it to the best of our knowledge at that time.  And we have free will and can change our minds.  SO what if we are able to reset our intentions or agreements  for what works right now.
 If we are unhappy living in NJ, why can't we figure out how to move to Oregon or Mexico.
 If we are miserable in a marriage, why can't we create a scenario where we are happier.

I invite you to think about the places where you are miserable  and begin to create new agreements.
The weather in California would be much warmer  right now:)

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