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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

You Will Never Walk Alone

Fall in Lake Derwentwater, England
I have been very remiss is writing for the past month or so.  During that time, I  travelled over to Northern England to visit my daughter who now lives in Leeds. It is Wuthering heights country in Yorkshire and really very beautiful. We were lucky that the weather was quite nice most of the time and we were able to go walking around without umbrellas. This is a photo of  Lake  Derwentwater in the Lake district near the town of Keswick.

I returned to NJ the day before hurricane Sandy visited NJ and was so glad to be back before the storm hit. Ever since then, it feels as if there has
been one drama after another. We got our power back on Sunday, November 4th, my 94 year old uncle entered the hospital on Monday, President Obama was elected as the 44nd President and today we have a Nor'Easter.

I  woke up on Election day hearing the song You Will Never Walk Alone by Mahalia Jackson  in 1961. Enjoy the walk with Miss Jackson.

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