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Friday, November 30, 2012

Roxie the therapy dog

Roxie at  Sandy Hook beach
Roxie was a rock star in my world. She died yesterday, November 29th at 1:10PM. She was happy and loving from the day that we brought her home until she died in the vet's office yesterday. We brought her home as a 10 week old  ll bean look alike golden retriever puppy.  She came into our home shortly after 9/11/01 and shortly before our oldest daughter, Meredith left for College. She changed our lives!  She had so much energy that it was hard to get used to her in the beginning.  She loved everything as if it were the first time that she was experiencing life. She especially loved a squeaky toy that she would chew on incessantly while I was on the phone. When I told  her to stop, she would put it down and start chasing her tail. When she was done with that, she would pick up the toy again. That was Roxie.

A couple of years ago, she developed mast cell tumors on her body. These tumors are pretty common for golden retrievers. In fact, both Pixie and Roxie had these tumors. We changed their diets, added supplements, did reiki healings and they both seemed to be pretty stable for years.   Roxie continued to be loving to everyone that came to our house. She loved being in therapy sessions with me. She especially liked the group work since she had more hands to touch her. Inevitably, people would walk away feeling better after they had touched her. She was  wonderful.

However, the tumor in her mouth was getting so big that she could no longer chase her favorite tennis balls or even hold the saliva in. She told us that it was time and she wanted to go off into the sunset. She also  told us that it would be easy for her and that she would come back in a new and healthy puppy  body. So we took her to the vets and she  happily walked into the office with her tail wagging. She ended her time on earth  with the same confidence and loving nature that she had lived. Yeah Roxie, you are a rock star in my eyes.

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