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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Uncle Harry, Healing While Dying, Part #3

mountain light
Uncle Harry lived a life that was very stable, responsible and loyal to his family and friends. My brother spoke with him every Sunday for 51 years. My sister and I kept in touch with him regularly.  He always wanted to talk about politics and if we had heard from each other recently. What have you heard from your sister? Is she okay?  As our father died when we were very young, Uncle Harry had promised our Dad that he would take care of us. He kept his promise. He made sure that we went to college, attended our weddings and  heard  the news about his nephews and nieces. He never really understood why people needed to go to  psychotherapy? He would often ask me what was the point of talking about our problems? It was hard to explain.....

However, during the last days of his life, we understood so much more than we ever had before. My good friend Roseann is an angelic healer and intuitive. She helped us bridge our worlds during the time of his dying. She heard him say that he now realized that he had lived without really loving. He had been afraid to really love us and he wanted us to know that he understood that now. He did the best he could and he was learning a great deal through his passing.We learned  that it  is never too late to remember your true knowing. At the end of his life, he was able to say how much he loved each of us. It was an amazing blessing and convinced us that miracles do happen often and to all of us.
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