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Monday, September 17, 2012

Talking to Spirit

When we were walking on the tow path yesterday, my friend Maricie spotted a tiny, tiny turtle probably less than 1 inch long. It looked like a small, dark  stone. I wonder if noticing  the small  gifts from nature is our  reminder that we are all one. In fact seemingly disparate things can all be connected. For instance,  we were walking, the tiny  turtle appears, a beautiful day and we were talking about change and new growth. I also dreamt about sea turtles the night before our walk.

In the Medicine cards by David Carson and Jamie Sans, they write that we need to remember our gratitude for the earth and abundance will follow. This tiny turtle is certainly a sign of new life and the beginning of new things.

So when you are walking down the street, on a trail, or  in a parking lot, please pay attention to the signs that you are being given . If you notice the sign then it is meant for you. If you are with someone that is noticing, then it is also important to pay attention.I am so grateful for all of the turtles that sun themselves along  the Delaware &Raritan  tow path.
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