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Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Artist,the movie

My husband and I went to see the movie titled "The Artist"  last night. It was an interesting and well done movie. As you may know, it is a silent movie and   I didn't  really get the meaning  of the movie until this morning.
We are so dependent upon words .  We are talking all of the time yet not really communicating what is in our hearts.   In  my work, as a psychotherapist,   we often   focus upon emotions described by words. In sessions,   mostly everyone  hates to sit in silence. It usually feels as if the connection is somehow  broken between two people.
"The Artist" talks about the shift from silent movies to talking movies in the early 1930's. It was a shift from  acutely using  your sense of sight , sensing, and  feeling to focusing on speech and sight. We  have lost the ability to really  discriminate when we communicate . We have  became overly comfortable with imprecise words. Sometimes comfortable  silence is much more meaningful than all of the words. .   Perhaps, we will remember this message, the next time that we sit in companionable silence with our loved ones.

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