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Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Faery Oracle

faery tree
I love working with different oracle cards.I use them as a wonderful way to bring a spiritual presence into my everyday life. There are so many different forms of oracle or divination cards. The most popular are the Tarot cards. However, there are also cards that contain  fairies, angels, animals, sacred geometry, Native American  tradtions, etc.
I use them  personally and in my healing practice. They work best when you find a deck of cards that you really like. There are a number of websites that offer choices. I just checked out Amazon and there are 926 varieties of cards. In fact, I found another one that I would like!
Once you receive the cards, it is helpful to make a daily practice of working with them. You close your eyes, center yourself and  think  of an open ended question. A  suggestion is  " what do the fairies, angels, or  animals want me to know today".  At this point, you move one  hand over the card spread  and pick the one  that your hand is guided to.
Have fun. Please take care and you will  see the fairies in the tree.

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