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Monday, January 16, 2012

my favorite movies from 2011

horse dreams
Growing up in Brooklyn, my friends and I had a favorite saturday afternoon  schedule. We would walk to the movie theatre on Avenue J. We would pay 50 cents and be treated to a double feature. I loved the action movies about Sinbad the Sailor. The titles were  The 7th Voyage , Golden Voyage ,  and  Eye of the Tiger. I loved being swept up by the adventures and technology of  these moviesProbably, the forerunners of Star wars and Space oddyssey, 2001.  Of course, my favorite  treat was a frozen milky way bar on a stick. No wonder, I had so many cavities as a kid.  Then we would go to the local pizza shop and pay 15 cents for a piece of pizza. We would walk home feeling very full and still replaying the afternoons adventures. 

I still love movies.The following is my list of favorite movies from this past year. They are not in a special order so please find your own favorite movie and pass it on.
The Descendants
Tree of life
Midnight in Paris
We bought a Zoo
The Dolphin Tale

The movies that I still really want to see are:
The Artist
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
Everything must go
TIn Tin
The War Horse

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