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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

feeling the burn- similarities between fitness training and psychotherapy and healing

"frog delight"
I recently began working out with a trainer at the New York Sports Club.   I have tried several  expensive   gym memberships  during  the past 20 years. I have paid  my money and I   have gone for several work outs. Usually  at some point,  I feel very uncomfortable pain in   my lower  back or my neck .   I stop going  and this cycle may repeat itself 3-4 times and then  I stop the membership completely .

Finally, I am stopping this  cycle and actually getting the appropriate help that I need. Truthfully,  I am nervous each time that I go for a training but I still go.  It has been a month so far and this is a big accomplishment for me. At my last session,  my trainer told me a story about one his clients who refused to do more than three reps of any exercise. After nine months of doing this,  the client explained that he was afraid to feel the" burn".

 I can definitely understand this. I,  too, get scared that I may be hurting myself and pushing too far. With a trained professional, I do feel much safer. I also feel that this is applicable to doing emotional healing. When we always do the healing on our own, we may get scared and make frequent starts and stops. With a trusted healer , it feels safer to go for the" burn" and do the deeper healing. 
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