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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

back pain and taking it easy

turtle smelling flowers
My back has been very painful for the last couple of days. I tried taking a yoga class, healing meditations, additional supplements and finally a massage today. I kept waking up expectantly that the back pain would have disappeared. It has not happened. What  I finally decided to do upon the advice of the massage therapist was to take it easy. Why is it so hard to take it easy?
I try to do so many things to ease the pain but the simplest of all.
I know what the problem is. Taking it easy does not come naturally.

The body does not have a default switch that automatically  shifts us  into relaxation, instead we have to consciously call it in.  The truth is our default switches are either the  fight or flight response.
Then I look over  at Pixie and Roxie lounging on the floor, they seem to have the relaxation switch. So once again, they are my role models. Have a peaceful two dog night to you as well.
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