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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy Independence Day

Words Matter
I was listening to the Lee Greenwood's Rendition of God Bless America and thinking about today,  I  do not wish to live anywhere else in the world and yet there are days that are truly discouraging with our current President. I find myself having a mix of strong emotions every time I get a news link to a new tweet or simply another disparaging head line. I also know that reacting with such strong emotions continues to perpetuate where we are. Words and our emotional reactions matter.

 Often when I am working with clients, I will ask them what is true in this moment?
My answer is that Presidents come and go.
As a country right now, we are extremely divided.
There is incredible violence and mayhem
There are many voices that are screaming at each other and not much apparent commonality.
There are many people in the United States and the world lacking basic needs of sustainable health care, education, food and jobs.
There are many more unhappy people than happy.
My wish on this day that we stay clear about what we want for our country and listen to each other with ease and grace.

  For this too shall pass and we will elect our next president and hopefully we shall  have learned a great deal about what we want .

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