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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Jumping into the unknown

Yesterday, I was sitting and doing my taxes at the computer. All of the doors and windows were open and I heard a distinctive noise of  something moving quickly over the grass. I looked up and it was a foot long turtle moving towards the water. It reached the cement embankment ,  hurled itself over the edge
and fell with a splash into the water. By the time, I reached the pond, it was several feet from the shoreline.

I feel as if we have hit our edge and we have no choice but to hurl over the embankment into our best selves.

We do know what makes us feel good in our lives.  Often, we want other people to tell us what to do so then we are free to keep doing exactly what we are doing. If we continually choose to live lives without passion or connection  than what are we learning. This is not about having magical lives where everything goes right and we feel good all of the time. I feel that it is about having lives where no matter what we do we have a passionate connection to it. If you are working in a job that you don't like  than either find places that bring you to feel a connection to it  or move on.  It apparently works this way with everything in our lives, food, relationships, cars. There are somethings that we cannot move on from so then we have to dig deeper to find the connection.

Once we find one connection than it is easier to develop the threads to revealing others. Hurling off a cliff as we begin to discover that we are indeed  "In lightened" beings.
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