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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Noticings and Real Change, Beginning Now

I took this photo of the back of a tombstone in a very old English  cemetery. I posted it on facebook and received over a dozen comments on what people think that they saw.  I saw the image of a dog sitting down, someone else saw a camel, a bear, and a priest etc. We often  rely on others to tell us what we see in our world.  We listen to the "truth" about politics, economics, cancers, climate changes.

We are entering the time,when survival is dependent upon creating  our own truths. 
Do  you have the courage to tell your own truth about your own life?
Has there been enough duplicity that you are willing to speak out loud?
We are now at the point where it is quite dangerous to let other people falsely lead us. We have been sleeping for far too long with a few " awakened" beings.
Who are these beings anyway?  I believe that we  all have the potential be awake?
We can start by noticing and sharing what we notice. .The key is authenticity and clarity.
 Real change is often that easy and it takes one conversation or one action to start it.
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