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Saturday, February 4, 2017

New Rules, New World

Proud Pixie
I have been asked a couple of time in the past two days, when is the new blog post. I am very grateful to everyone that reads my post. I does take time and a great deal of integration to write clearly.  There is so much chaos and attempting to distill the chaos and see the bigger picture is challenging. And I love doing it.

I truly believe with all my heart that we are exactly where we need to be. We are with the exact president that we need to have. We are coming out of a  dormant period  of unhappiness and inequality and moving into incredible world wide activism. I have not felt this kind of energy since the 70's. Back then it was exciting, frightening and mind shattering. It was also more localized in terms of the population and geography. This time, the activism is all over the world and being voiced by a diversity of women, men, children,  countries, ages, cultures etc.  We have been fully launched and we have been waiting  and preparing for these changes since 2000.

I was shown a dream last night to help me understand what I am feeling. In the dream, I was climbing up a house that was beginning to disintegrate. I safely scaled it and I needed to  keep moving forward. Along side  of me, there was a woman easily climbing and using new footholds and pathways. We are being challenged to let go of the old rules that things should be a certain way  because our parents did it that way or its easier or it's a habit.Those rules are coming through ideas and that has not worked well for us.

 It is now time to  allow our hearts and intuition to lead us. The native people call this human vs sacred law. The human law is comprised of the millions of rules that have kept us safely  and perhaps unhappily in our  individual boxes. We  are now being asked to use our knowing and sensing to navigate our lives.  No one can tell us what we need to do any more. Take a moment before you answer  questions and really feel what your response is. Allow the ideas to fall away and allow the feelings to come through. I believe that a great deal of the depression and anxiety that we are facing will begin to decrease as we listen to ourselves.......
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