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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sarasota Living under a full Moon

Sarasota Moon
I have been living in Sarasota, FL for  about 10 days and it is a paradigm changer. Everything that I have known is turned around. Instead of getting ready for colder days, I am enjoying the 80 degree sunny weather.  Instead of searching for things to do, it is now lovely to have  choices. Instead of gearing up for the slowing down of life, life continues to unfold  at great speed in amazing ways.

Think about how much of our energy is absorbed in getting ready for seasonal changes. We expand in the spring and summer months and begin to contract in the fall and winter. We do this with our body as well as the land around us.  It was a very familiar ritual to think about smell of woodsmoke, bringing wood closer to the house, taking out  heavy sweaters and boots,  and eating  heartier foods, such as soups and stews.
I liked all of the shifting or at least, I had gotten used to it. However, I was ready for a  big change and big changes often need different geographical locations.  What I have learned as a result of this  big life shakeup is to take chances and follow your happiness. There is too much time wasted where we simply wait for something to shift. Once we  take action, then the universe supports our decisions.

Tonight, I saw a new movie titled, Arrival, with Amy Adams . She played an excellent  intermediary between humans and extra terrestrials. My take away is that it is time for all of us to wake up and realize that we are more alike than different. We can rant and rave about injustices but that simply reinforces our differences.  The universe is waiting for us to see the similarities so that it can support us in truly creating the world that we want  no matter who is in the oval office.

What are you waiting for?
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