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Monday, September 19, 2016

Sarasota Dreaming- Energetic Home

Venice Beach Drum Circle; Reaching out to the Universe
When I moved to Northern California in the 70's, I felt like I had come home. I had moved from Rockland County, NY and it was as if I had found my peaceful place.
I did not know why except that I felt that I had found my people and my place. I stayed there for ten years and it was a very important and powerful time for me. I was transformed as a result of my stay there.

It was the time, it was the land, it was the light, it was the people. it was all of it.

When I visited Sarasota, Florida this past weekend, I felt the same energetic home calling to me. It is beautiful and yes it is touristy, hot and in Florida.  Yet, none of that matters, it felt good to be there.
The light is so gorgeous. There is so much music, art and beauty.  There is so much going on. I feel like it is a really long drink after a long time of private short sips.

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