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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Noticing Everything Without Attaching to Anything

white egret walking towards me on my walk
It is quite a challenge to notice everything and not attach each event. The attaching takes time and is seriously energy draining. The noticing is much easier and there is so much to see these days. There is so much  charged information flying in to our awareness and it is mostly of a quite extremely dark nature.
So many of us are making  dire prognostications of all that has and will go wrong.  When we make up a story about what is going to happen, we are making up stories without really knowing what will happen. If we make up enough stories then things  get more real and the stories do turn into reality.

So how do we notice without attaching. We stay attached to what we know in this moment. We stay connected to the safety of the moment that we are in. If you do not feel safe, then create some safety for yourself. For the past two weeks,  I had been  going at warp speed to create a new home for myself.  It has been a time of re-creation and in true Aries/Jersey style, I was moving too quickly. I had a near miss with my car and  I  heard a very loud and clear suggestion from the universe to slow down. I simply sat most of the day and regrouped. In the past, I would have created a big story about the near miss and  this time, I created  a day of peace. External events will continue to unwind and it is up to each of us to take care that we don't add to the chaotic unfolding.
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