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Thursday, September 17, 2015

What I know and perhaps don't know about Facebook

knowing facebook
There is so drama right now. Sometimes, I feel that it is better not to say anything  In fact, we may  hesitate to say what we really feel in case it causes still more drama. And then there is Facebook......

It is so interesting to see what people post on facebook.  I usually look at the posts with some thoughts of my own.
Is  the post in service of drama or to calm things down?
Do I want to know this information? And if so how will I remember it for another time?
Do I want to respond with a post  or simply like it.
I definitely like short posts.
I do like the videos of either children or animals that have peaceful and hopeful messages embedded in the videos
I do like the beautiful art  and music that is shared.
I do not like the rants of what is wrong and you need to fix it right now.
I do not like it when people are embarrassed and sarcasm is used.
Everything that we do or say means something about who we are. Facebook is an amazing kaleidoscope of the world......

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