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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Turtles are Looking At You.... What will you do?

Turtle Love
There is so much happening right now inside and outside of who we are. Previously,  we thought we could tell how we were different from everyone else....... This ability seems to be clearing and a greater ability seems to be coming in. We are now aware of how connected we are to everyone else and there is no longer a separation. So if we hear someone else's good news we feel it and the opposite is also true.

How do we navigate this world if we are all connected and there is a lot of bad stuff happening to very good people?
We love ourselves and include everyone else in the love. For the truth is  everyone else is already being processed by you.  No matter how much we would like to think that we are separate, we are all connected. If we fight the connection, navigating daily life seems to be more of a struggle and if we acknowledge it, then the day seems to flow with some grace.
As usual, it is always our choice.
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