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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

All things Past Life Regression

So many people are intrigued about the process.of remembering Past Lives.   I  feel that if you have some curiosity, then it is time to explore these memories. These are some things that might be of help as you take this journey.

1. Find someone that you trust to help you to do this work. It is important to do this sacred work with a trusted and talented soul. Take the same care that you would do with a medical practitioner.

2.Trust that what comes up has significance for you. Dr. Brian Weiss often says that the past life memory is part truth, part fantasy and part imagination. And it is all relevant.

3. There are at least two ways that you can remember your past lives. You can seek someone out who can prompt you to remember your own memories which  is what I do. I use hypnotherapy to help folks recall their own stories.  Or there are  talented practitioners  who can intuit your stories and share them with you.

4. Sometimes the memories come from this life time and sometimes from previous incarnations. Be open to wherever they come from. I worked with someone that simply wanted the life time memory that he wanted and he did not get it. He did get one that was relevant to what he needed to know now.

5. Exploring past lives can heal issues in this life time that seem to be without a cause. For example, persistent memories of an event that have never happened in this life time. Sometimes, we come into this incarnation with an illness
or issue that can only be explained by a past memory.

6. Trust your own intuition in the process.

7. It is a powerful process and can cause amazing life shifts in a short amount of time.

8. You may see people from this life in your past life memories. Pay attention to who you see and absorb the meanings.

9. Enjoy. There is so much to remember about ourselves...........
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